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The exhilarating feeling of gliding silently over the mountains can be experienced on a two-seater Paraglider flight, even without prior knowledge. Experience the joy rides and feel the wings that you have. Jibhi Adventure will fulfil your dreams of flying at Jibhi.

The exhilarating feeling of gliding silently over the mountains can be experienced on a two-seater Paraglider flight, even without prior knowledge. Experience the joy rides and feel the wings that you have. Jibhi Adventure will fulfil your dreams of flying at Jibhi.


Take off point – Tandi Village ( 5 minutes walk to the takeoff site from the Parking)
Landing – Jibhi Village (10 minutes walk from the Landing to the Parking)


The adventure of a lifetime. Tandem Paragliding is the best way to experience the thrill of free flight in the Western Himalayas for the first time. Whether you are an aspiring pilot interested in learning to speed fly, paraglide or just want to fly like a bird, a tandem paragliding flight is the way to get in the air. This is free flight, not parasailing like you would see at the beach when on vacation. Anyone over 18 and less than 80 kg can fly. After conducting various test flights for the last four years, the site at Jibhi is certified for the commercial tandem flights by the concerned authorities.


  1. Transport from the office at Jibhi to the Take off point.
  2. All the required equipment for the Tandem flight.
  3. Accidental insurance cover.

How does a tandem flight work?

Start:  We don’t jump, we fly! The only thing the passenger has to do is walk a few steps to help the pilot to start the flight.

Flight:  Now you can lean back and enjoy your flight. The pilot shows you the world from above and explains how we use solar energy to glide through the air.

Landing: Landing is far more comfortable than most passengers think. In normal conditions, you don’t even have to walk. (Follow all the instructions that the Pilot is giving you before landing. )

Material:  We are professionals and only fly with the most modern, strictly tested material.

Booking:  Simply call our flight office and make an appointment. We fly in summer and winter. Thermal flights can be made from March to around September.

How do I have to be equipped?

Take good shoes with you, ideally hiking boots. Windproof clothing. A windproof top and long pants, even in summer, and ski dresses in winter, for example. For longer thermal flights it is better to take an extra layer with you.

How safe is the equipment? For our passengers, we offer maximum safety in terms of material and, of course, for ourselves too!

We only use up-to-date, tested and approved flight material from leading manufacturers that we believe in.In general, we replace our equipment regularly, so we always fly with high-quality material.

In which season can you make which flights?

In good weather we fly daily, depending on availability and weather. FUN flights are possible all year round, even in winter.

Are there age limits?

No, no previous knowledge is necessary. There is no age limit towards the top, you just have to be able to run a few steps. We also take children with us as soon as they are able to express their well-being. We have special equipment for flights with children. Minors need legal representation

Is paragliding a high-risk sport?

No Paragliding is (and has never been) a high-risk sport! At (SETAASS) all the pilots are not only well trained, also certified by the “Himachal Pradesh Tourism and civil aviation and recommended by the District Paragliding Association. They also regularly complete further education and safety training and, most importantly, are ROUTINE FREQUENT FLYERS. 

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