• Total Duration: 4N/5days 
  • Tour starts: Ex Chandigarh/Ex Delhi
  • Style of the Tour: Drive, hike and Bird watching 
  • Physical Challenges: Easy 
  • Max. Altitude: 3132 Mt 
  • Best Season: April-June –August-Oct.
  • Stay (nights ): 4Nights

     The diversity of this area offers a lot for the birders and nature lovers. You could easily spot at least 20 to 25 species of native and migratory birds around Jibhi and Tirthan valley. The common birds around Jibhi area are; yellow bailed magpie, tree pie, brown dipper, red star, tits (at least three different types) fiches, forktail, bulbul, dove, pigeon, drongos, jungle fowls etc. 



Overnight Journey by Volvo Buses or flight to Bhuntar

It takes about 12 hours from Delhi to reach Aut (a small town on the NH-21before Bhuntar) and from Aut our cab will pick you up to your final destination. Another one hour pleasant drive along the rushing Tirthan River to reach Jibhi from Aut


Day 01: JIBHI

Visit to nearby waterfall after breakfast and exploring the birds in the surroundings by the spring water stream.



Early morning Drive to Bahu and two hours walk towards Baloo temple will defiantly reward you with some amazing and exotic bird life. Back to Leena’s Place for the brunch. Exploration trip by the nearby water bodies for more birds. 


A walk towards Chenni fort (with packed lunch) through the dense cedar and pine trees will present a lot of amazing species of birds like; different kinds of tits,finches, dippers, drongoes, bulbuls,comman maina , blue bird maggpiee, doves , pigeons, fork tails, flycatchers etc. And if you are lucky you might come across with some pheasants and wildlife as well. This trail is very scenic and it will lift you gradually from the basin to top of the mountain from where you will have a great view of the whole Banjar valley, at the end a historical fort called “Chenni fort” will be a real reward for your days toil.  


After early breakfast drive to Jalori pass and Hike to Raghupur fort/ Serulsar Lake  (packed lunch) drive back to Jibhi.

Day05: JIBHI-PIRDI-DELHI (Rafting)

       After breakfast drive to Pirdi, on the way we will stop at a very ancient Shiva Temple at    Bajura.  Enjoy the rapids of river Beas on a raft before you head back to Delhi on Volvo bus. 


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